Vitrum in Fabula

Behind the name Vitrum in Fabula are standing Nina and Mia.

We were always creative, everything had to have a story, a meaning, a beauty.

Several years ago we met this fascinating technique and the rest is history. For us it was and still is a challenge, because glass is a two-faced media: on one hand strong, shiny and powerful, but on the other it is fragile, delicate and different from everything they have tried before.

Every new technique, self-growth and patience have brought us here and Vitrum in Fabula was officially born…

Every piece we make is unique not only because they are beautiful and have an attractive and innovative design, they are “unique” in the true sense of the word: each one is handmade by us for you.

When choosing your piece, you’re choosing an unique work of art, it will come embellished with those little details that makes it different and yours only.

Details you wear to emphasize your own personality.
Because that’s what makes you unique.

We also have glass fusing workshops at our studio in Pula (Croatia), if you are interested, please send us an e-mail.


instagram: @vitruminfabula

etsy: vitruminfabula