niki caro + lavender


Earrings from our DUO Collection are made in two parts:

  • pair of TRASPARENT GREY glass (without the base of the earring)
  • earrings from the PIPPA collection (in this set the color is PASTEL LAVENDER – in some lights can look baby blue)
    • if you want a different color – please contact us:
    • se vuoi un colore diverso, ti preghiamo di contattarci:
    • ako želiš drugu boju, molimo te da nas kontaktiraš:

You can wear them in so many different ways and creating everyday a new pair of earrings that is only yours.

Refer to the photos for some inspiration and start playing!

High quality glass hand cut elements on a surgical steel base earrings.

Every piece is entirely hand made by us, because of that any “imperfections” are intended as a guarantee for an unique and personal product.

  • the photo is just a representation of the product

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