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A beautiful color combination that shifts from gold to rose gold, in some lights, also, light green, with a slightly crinklized texture.

The collection is dedicated visual artists from the Expressionist era.

The type of glass that is used to create this collection is called dichroic glass. It can be traced way back into history, as far as the Roman Empire.

Please refer to the photo to see different ways on how they can be worn.
They can also be paired with our DUO and DUO LIMITED EDITION earrings.

Made from high quality glass hand cut elements, based on a medical steel earrings.

Every piece is entirely hand made by us, because of that any “imperfections” are intended as a guarantee for an unique and personal product.
The photos are just a representation of the product, you will be sent a similar one since they are all unique. If you want to choose your pair from our selection, please contact us via email.

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