Designer for a day – ENGLISH

Are you ready to become a Vitrum in Fabula designer? Let’s play! The idea is for everyone to create their own combination of Sissi 3 earrings and give them a name. Make a cup of coffee or tea (we recommend Earl Gray) and start creating!

On Tuesday, March 31st, we will choose the winner and send her her personalized pair of Sissi 3 earrings. We will give all designers a 20% discount on our web shop, which will be active until the end of April. Their earrings will become part of the special limited edition Sissi 3 collection, which will be available on our website over the next two months.

The rules of the game are very simple: – Here: you can find the available glass colors for your unique Sissi 3 earrings – choose your favorite three colors combination – Choose the name of your new earrings, they can be named after you or a person that is dear to you (mom, sister, friend …) – Please use combinations that are not currently part of our ongoing Sissi 3 collection ( – Write in a comment your color combination and the name of the earrings – You can play as many times as you like, but each time there must be a different color combination – Tag a friend to play with us Extra Points: Share this post publicly – but don’t forget to tag Vitrum in Fabula. Let’s take advantage of these days in the most positive way possible! Thank you all for participating!

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