Hi you! Want to know how to make chalkboard paint? It doesn’t get any easier that this…

The easiest DIY chalcboard paint!

Today, dear friends, we will learn the art of getting by.

How beautiful are those pictures of objects and/or walls on which you can write with chalk? It would be lovely to achieve them without selling a kidney in order to buy the ready to use chalkboard paint. The best part is: WE KNOW HOW!

Arm yourself with courage and confidence (and little else) and create you your chalkboard paint by yourself! The cost of ours was about 5€.

The material we used is very accessible to all:  a cup of acrylic color (of any colour you like, we recommend a dark colour – it’s going to pale), a spoon of mortar – possibly white and finely grained, brush or a roller and, optional, a helper as nice as the sun and curious like shit – we opted for the well-known Vincent the black cat.

Do not worry if the second ingredient is somethng you never heard of in your life: before rushing to the nearest store ask the man of the house, whoever he is, if he has the white mortar. You do not even know what it is, but he did, and 9 times out of 10, you have an abandoned bag in the basement. Now, that you have everything.. we can start!

Pour the color in a plastic container, add the mortar, stir vigorously, and if necessary add water. We added about half a cup. Your colour will be a bit grainy, because of the mortar – your new friend.

Hurry to evenly paint your surface (wood, wall, plexiglass, glass … do your thing) and let it dry. Once dry – we paintet twice, take a white chalk and pass it over the entire painted surface: Cover all around and do not be scared … We worn you – lots and lots of dust on the floor. At this point, get a clean and dry rag and wipe it(I’m not kidding), as you would to clean a normal blackboard

And here you have your handmade blackboard for 5 instead of 35€. Not bad, right?

Get crazy with the chalk … Oh, after all the hard work with searching for the mortar – do not throw your paint away – store it in a glass container. There will be a thousand ideas for reuse (tickets, lids for jars, trays, pots, labels for plants…).

The easiest DIY chalckboard paint!



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